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Greek Residence Permits

Real estate opportunities in Greece

The New Greek Investment Law, especially regarding the granting of residence permits to investors has clear comparative advantages, being quite more flexible compared to its “antagonists”


It is “New”; recently updated (August 2013).It integrates any changes/ corrections that proved needed, “learning” from the mistakes of the other countries that implemented it. The reason that there are no adjustments from our competitors is that the Residence Permits Law is not a part of a commercial competition and it cannot be easily changed, making Greece the latest update- and the best choice till today.


It is based on simplicity. Due to the current financial situation of the state, Greece struggles to make international investors feel safe and confident and choose us between our competitors.


Real Estate Prices. Real Estate investors have a limited window of opportunity to acquire Greek property that their money couldn’t buy a few years ago. Greek Real Estate Market is currently in a unique period where the commercial value of a property is even below 50% of its objective value.
To get the idea very briefly about what usually apply for the most coveted properties in Europe: An estate that has a commercial value of e.g. €100.000, it has also an objective value (defined by the state) of €30.000 to €50.000 in order to limit the phenomenon of making virtual sales with lesser price that results to the loss of the tax from the transfer.

Currently, due to the economic crisis, especially in the Real Estate and Construction Sector, and the shortage of financial liquidity in the Greek Market, the commercial value of an estate is even lower than the objective value. That results in a situation where a property of for example €100.000 with an objective value of €50.000 will cost to an investor €30.000 or €40.000. Now imagine what an investment you will be able to make with the minimum of €250.000.



To inform you regarding all documents required by your country and help with our local representative to execute them


To inform you regarding available properties in cities of Greece or beside a great beach vacation.


Visit Greece to come and see a real estate group, which you will have selected from our information files sent to you


The purchase of the property (Currently at extremely advantageous prices due to the economic crisis in Greece).


The legal audit, tax audit for all the general actions required for the final transfer of the real estate to your name.


The final procedures, documents, forms, legal representations required to receive a residence permit for you and your family.


The management of the property for as many years as it is in your possession, i.e., its maintenance, insurance, or if you wish, it’s renting.

    Our purpose is not to just sell properties, but to build relationships of mutual trust with the people of your country and culture, and welcome you to our safe country with mutual gain to the long-term for both parties.


Additionally we must note that all necessary acts required regarding your insurance (travel insurance, health insurance) can be (optionally) undertaken by B&B Special Insurance Services, a firm that belongs to the same Company Group

Health Care

Any medical exams needed or requested can be also be done in the very best Private Medical Health Center of the Balkan area “Athens Medical Group, Interbalkan Medical Center”, which can also (optionally) be undertaken by us.