General Trade Services

We offer a vast portfolio of trade services in the ME market

General trade services

Establishing an Enterprise, Branch office or Representative Office

Foreign enterprises wishing to conduct business in Jordan (or other State in the Middle East) may do so either by establishing a formal, permanent presence in Jordan, or by using a commercial agent. There are several methods pursuant to which a foreign entity may be licensed on a permanent basis in Jordan, including
  • Incorporating a Limited Liability Company (“L.L.C.”)
  • Establishing a Branch office or Representative office

Commercial Agency

Foreign investors may decide to have an agent represent their interests in the U.A.E. instead of establishing a permanent presence.


The increase in living standards, combined with the rationalization of the Dollar exchange rate, has made the European products competitive as well. The expansion of activities abroad, is a way that can provide not only survive in this difficult economic situation, but also this can be a start of development for the future.

  • For those who want to start their business in Jordan, due to significant financial and tax advantages
  • For those who are looking for partners - vendors - agents to increase their export activity
  • Ensuring licenses – trademark

Doing business in Middle East - Jordan

Jordan is the only country in the Middle East that is not based on oil production, has continuously invested in the creation of an economy based on stability, trade, and attracting investors and capital. Now Jordan because of the political, social, and economic stability that it presents, it has become a commercial and business center, and a refuge for both the business world and the consumer from Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq and the rest of the Middle Eastern states.

Many entrepreneurs from the politically unstable neighboring regions, are now in search of business refuge in Jordan and seek partnerships, contacts, suppliers for a huge range of products and services (all kinds of food, industrial materials, ready- built products in the field of construction, furniture, medical services etc.)

Our goal is not only to find a way out of the financial crisis in the international market, but to find alternate ways to promote your product and also establish corporate and friendly relations with the parallel creation of strategic partners in a difficult area but with huge financial reserves for trade.

Construction Industry Development: Due to the rapid growth in the construction sector and the general development in construction market and direct investment from the Gulf countries, there is a continuing demand for building materials.

Medical Services: The interest in medical services sector is growing rapidly. Large funds from states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar are channeled through non-governmental organizations to address the humanitarian crisis (especially in Syria and Iraq). Jordan, despite the fact that it has many factories and wholesalers of international companies, the production is insufficient to meet the local market. In addition, there is flourishing medical tourism (addressed to the upper level social class of the Gulf Countries) and the hospitals in Jordan considered to be the best in the whole Arab world.\

Tourism Investment: Due to periodically political unrest in many of the countries of the broader region, the "wealthy" move to Jordan either permanently or just for business, as Jordan enjoys the support of all regional powers and “international players”.

Shift in non- Chinese Products: Traditionally the Middle East used to prefer cheap products, but now this has totally changed. The improved purchasing power and living standards imposed the shift to new products due to the credibility and prestige in relation to the Chinese competition.

Special Economic Zone - Aqaba: Jordan does not supply only the local market. Due to the Special Economic Zone of the port of Aqaba, Jordan has become a regional transit trade center, and fuel Iraq, Kuwait, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Syria. The Port of Aqaba is the safest port throughout the whole unstable region.

Channel for international economic factors: Jordan has gradually become a regional base for many international economic factors involved in the reconstruction of Iraq (and future of Syria), resulting in increased production of industrial and construction sector, and the development of tourism and transport. Despite increased production in almost all areas, there are still increased needs for imports. By virtue of geography and political and military stability, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and UAE use Jordan as a channel for investment and major humanitarian order (e.g. management refugee wave from Syria).

Export promotion, any sized businesses wishing either to engage for first time in exports, or expand their already established export activities

  • Hospitality in our offices (three days per month for each year, 36 days / year). Should our customer needs more days, it will be an extra charge and upon request). The given office size is 3X3 with meeting room
  • Secretarial / storage services (for samples, catalogs, etc.)
  • Research- showing potential vendors, based on pre-agreed criteria
  • Tips on understanding the local market
  • Consultancy for the adaptation of product to be exported (based on local customs and market)
  • Recording competition
  • Competition prices (consumer prices, trade prices)
  • Product acceptance Rating (current, estimated future demand, expected selling price proposed size and packaging dimensions)
  • Direct export
  • Create local office
  • Export through third parties (representatives, wholesalers)
  • Support in exhibitions participations
  • Ability to sell products to supermarket chains, food manufacturers and foodservice companies and high-income level consumers (organic products, designer delicatessen)

  • Legal support
  • Preparation of commercial contracts
  • Ensuring licenses – trademark